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Benefits and Uses of Braces in Bristol – Discussed by the Bristol Dental Practice

Invisible Braces BristolBraces are a dental procedure that are becoming more and more popular. This is also due to the fact that braces are tending to move away from the traditional bulky, metal train track braces to invisible braces or clear braces. These braces are used to correct issues with your teeth as well as being much more discrete. As you may have concerns with your smile due to crooked teeth or an overbite then you will most likely be looking for a brace but may not want a metal brace. Invisible braces are a fantastic option as these can be taken out to eat and have a much less of an impact in comparison to their metal counterparts. In this article, we will discuss the situations in which you may want to consider invisible braces as well as how we can help you straighten your teeth. Should you be looking for braces in Bristol or more specifically, invisible braces in Bristol then be sure to contact the Bristol Dental Practice today or enquire with us now by telephoning: 01179 105 929

When May You Need Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are used primarily for aesthetic reasons but can also be additionally recommended for dental health in certain situations. Braces are commonly used to repair crooked teeth and crowded teeth as the braces straighten out these teeth. Underbites, crossbites and overbites can also be corrected using a brace and these are usually corrected for dental reasons. An overbite for example can lead to the bottom teeth wearing the top teeth over time which can cause damage to them. Traditional braces cause a lot of pain, especially when tightened and are harder to clean. The difficulty of cleaning means that these metal braces have to be carefully cleaned or teeth can end up stained when the brace is finally removed. Protruding wires can also move outwards when the teeth move which causes discomfort in the mouth. Invisible braces such as Inman Aligners are easily removable and can be therefore removed when you are eating. This removes the risk of not being able to clean your teeth properly as you can brush your teeth as normal. You also have to be extremely careful with metal braces when eating certain foods such as apples. Some foods are even impossible to eat and discomfort when they are tightened resorts to eating soup or pasta. Invisible braces are almost pain free and do not make huge lifestyle impacts.

Selecting Invisible Braces

In the August update of our braces blog, we take a look at selecting invisible braces and how these can help improve your smile.

Braces Near Me BristolAs we have touched upon the differences between metal braces and invisible or clear braces, it’s also important to bear in mind what you need to think about if you are considering selecting invisible braces. As there are differences to both types of braces, you will want to think about what you want from your braces and to carefully consider the impact that metal braces has to your lifestyle. Although metal braces are physically in place for two years which ensures that they correct your teeth, these braces significantly change your lifestyle. Clear or invisible braces require you to ensure that you are wearing them correctly but are much more flexible. You should remove these braces before eating which means that your lifestyle choices are not significantly effective. The time taken for correction is also significantly less than metal braces, allowing you to correct your teeth and your smile in a significantly reduced time period. Invisible braces are potentially painful when teeth move but arguably not comparable to the discomfort that metal braces can cause. As previously discussed, metal braces are much more prominent than invisible braces. Should you be concerned about the longevity of metal braces being applied or the aesthetic of the metal braces then invisible braces are a great consideration.

Inman Aligner Braces vs Metal Braces

Here at the Bristol Dental Practice, we offer the innovative Inman Aligner as a solution to straightening your teeth without having to use a metal brace. This brace can be removed which results in you not having to dramatically change your lifestyle. If you are worried about your smile and are worried about the discomfort of braces then we highly recommend considering an Inman Aligner. This invisible brace straightens both the upper and lower front teeth, being ideal for correcting the crowding of your teeth as well as protrusions, cross-bites & rotations. Instead of the many visits to a practice which are commonplace with metal braces, we will only need to take impressions on your first visit after your initial consultation. Your custom Aligner is then created and  once ready we will conduct the initial fitting. You will then wear your Aligner every day with regular scheduled checks every 2-3 weeks. This flexibility is un-matched, especially in comparison to fixed metal braces which can be very painful and require many adjustments over a long time period. The Inman Aligner works quickly and effectively, whilst offering only some discomfort when your teeth are moving. These Aligners are the perfect solution should you not want a metal brace and wish to correct or straighten your upper and lower teeth. Should you feel that you would like to know more about an Inman Aligner or if you wish to book your initial consultation then telephone our friendly team now on: 01179 105 929

Choosing the Bristol Dental Practice

Here at the Bristol Dental Practice, we offer the Inman Aligner as one of our invisible or clear brace procedures. This Inman Aligner is the perfect solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. It’s a very fast, very safe system especially in comparison to other systems. Most cases are completed in 6-16 weeks and an Inman Aligner is the perfect alternative to a metal brace. Clear Smile Invisible Braces are similar to Invisalign Braces in that they are clear and allow you to show off your smile. This means that nobody will even realise that you are wearing a corrective brace and these are again removable. These are used to straighten your teeth and again are a great alternative to metal braces in situations in which you need to straighten your teeth.

Call & Arrange Your Braces Consultation Today

Braces BristolIf you have issues with your teeth that can be corrected with a metal brace, you may have been trying to find an alternative. Inman Aligner braces are a fantastic alternative offering a significantly less painful, hard to see alternative. These clear braces not only allow you to continue living life normally, they also correct your teeth very quickly compared to other systems. Here at the Bristol Dental Practice, our expert team have helped many of our patients correct their teeth with Inman Aligners and Clear Smile Invisible Braces. Our team are highly experienced, having been qualified in the field of cosmetic dentistry for many years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to nervous patients and this is reflected by the inviting, friendly atmosphere that we have in our dental practice. Should you be looking for a way to correct your teeth then invisible braces may very well be the solution. To arrange your consultation for clear braces in Bristol or a consultation for braces in Bristol then be sure to visit the Bristol Dental Practice today or call our team now on: 01179 105 929

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