Monthly Dental Plans Bristol

Our dental fees explained, along with our comprehensive and prevention monthly payment plans

All treatment is offered on a private fee basis. A list of the fees for the most commonly prescribed items of treatment are listed below.
Bristol Dental Practice
May 2018
Private Fee Comprehensive Plan Prevention Plan
Regular examination 41.00
New patient examination including X-rays

  • Initial consultation (40 minutes)
  • Dental check up
  • X-rays
  • Personal treatment plan

(usually £115.00 – saving you £40.00)

 Implant Consultation (60 minutes)

  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Dental check up
  • X-rays
  • Personal treatment plan


Small X-ray 14.50
Hygienist appointment 53.00
Amalgam filling from 73.00
Tooth coloured filling from 90.00
Root filling front tooth from 283.00
Root filling back tooth from 383.00
Extraction from 118.00
Crown from 558.00 *102.00
Bridge per unit from 580.00 *115.00
Veneer from 610.00 *132.00
Partial acrylic dentures from 493.00 *110.00
Full dentures from 1120.00 *240.00
*Approx lab fee
Home whitening 299.00
Zoom whitening (inc home top-up kit) 399.00
Inman Aligner Braces 1855.00
Single Implants from From 2500.00
Multiple Implants by quotation
3-unit, 2-implant bridge From 6,400.00
‘All-on-4’ or ‘Same-day-teeth’ From 13,900.00

We provide a printed estimate of the costs for any treatment and we like to discuss fully with you both the treatment proposed and the estimated costs of the treatment before it is started.

Our payment plans explained in full

Our payment plans are designed to help you budget for your dental care through the year. Our plans also provides valuable insurance should you need additional treatment in an emergency, following an accident or for serious dental conditions such as oral cancer. Please click below to read the information provided and contact us if you wish to join either plan.
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About our payment plans

Dental payment plans are a means of budgeting for your routine dental care. We recognise that individuals have different dental expectations and requirements. Consequently, we have developed an independent scheme that allows you to choose a level of cover appropriate for your circumstances.

In return for a regular monthly payment you will have access to all the routine services we normally provide within the practice, to optimise your dental health. Please see the individual plan details for the benefits that apply to each plan. Each of our plans include insurance against the cost of treatment for dental accidents, emergency treatment when away from home, and the provision of a cash benefit should you be admitted to hospital for dental related treatment.

Non-routine services, such as cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontic treatment and occlusion therapy are not covered by the monthly payment. Also, outside the plan are laboratory and prescription charges and any treatment requiring referral to consultants or specialists.

Prevention plan benefits

  • 2 Examinations per year, including radiographs if required
  • 2 or 4 visits for scaling, polishing and preventive advice
  • Emergency cover away from home and abroad
  • Emergency out-of-hours recall fee
  • Accidental injury cover
  • Hospital cash benefit

Comprehensive plan benefits

Our Comprehensive Plan offers all of the Prevention Plan benefits plus:

  • Fillings
  • Root fillings
  • Extractions
  • Crown and Bridgework*
  • Dentures*

The monthly cost of the Comprehensive Plan is determined by the current condition of your teeth and gums. Most of our patients pay £26 per month or less.

*Please note that treatments involving crowns, bridges and dentures will incur charges for laboratory fees.

How to join our payment plans

Joining either of our plans is very simple. We carry out an examination for our usual fee; if we find a problem, treatment must be completed before joining the comprehensive plan, or we invite your agreement to such treatment being excluded from the plan. Otherwise all you have to do is complete a direct debit mandate and your insurance cover will be effective from the start of the next month. There is a small registration fee to cover start-up costs for all plans.

If you ever find that you want to end the agreement you can do so simply by giving us one month’s notice. Naturally, if amounts due to us are not paid for two months in a row, we would terminate the arrangement after giving you notice. We will also advise you at least two months before our year-end of any change in your monthly payment for the following year.

If you are interested in joining either of our payment plans, please click here to contact us.

What happens if you have a emergency?

If you have an unexpected emergency, such as an accident or toothache, then in normal circumstances you should ring our practice number: .
However, if you are away from home, membership of the plan allows you to call the dental helpline, who will put you in touch with a dentist who can help. The telephone number is on your payment plan registration card. What is more, if you are overseas when you need help, the dental helpline will endeavour to find an English-speaking dentist to assist you.

How to claim under the insurance

If you are away from home and have to see a dentist in an emergency, you should receive the temporary treatment necessary to render you in a comfortable condition. You pay that dentist and ask for a written receipt and details of treatment carried out. On your return home, we will help you fill in a claim form and forward this to DPAS, our payment plan administrator.
We will also help you fill in a claim form should you need treatment for a dental injury. If the treatment is likely to cost more than £175 (and so require prior authorisation from DPAS) we will provide a costed treatment plan. An assessment by an independent dentist may be requested before this permanent treatment is authorised.