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Finding a Dentist Near Me in Bristol – A Discussion by The Bristol Dental Practice

Bristol Dentist Near MeHave you ever asked yourself, “when do I need to visit the dentist?” Visiting the dentist can often be confusing as some individuals will have to visit more often than others. Typically, a patient is recommended to visit every 6 months or up to a year if their dental health is exceptional and more frequently if they have previous issues with their teeth or live a certain lifestyle. It’s highly advised to seek the advice of a dental professional should you be unsure. When thinking about when you should visit the dentist, it’s important to think about when you had your last visit and more importantly if you’ve had any issues with your teeth since your last visit. If you’re thinking that you’ve ever ‘needed a dentist near me’ then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the situations in which you may wish to visit your dentist as well as discuss some ways to keep your teeth healthy before your next appointment. Here at the Bristol Dental Practice, we have been established in the Bristol area for many years and have helped numerous patients with all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Should you be in search of a dentist near in me Bristol or a dentist in Bristol then visit the Bristol Dental Practice today or call us now on: 01179 105 929 to arrange your initial consultation.

When May You Require a Dental Consultation

If you haven’t visited the dentist in a while then it’s always great to arrange a consultation. This is because you may not know if any issues with your teeth have developed. You will most likely find that you have been keeping your teeth in top condition but there’s no harm in checking! If you have been advised to visit more frequently then it is important to follow this advice. This could be for a number of reasons such as smoking or previous dental issues. Having more regular appointments in these situations ensures that you can keep your teeth healthy and lets them be monitored more closely. If you have not visited the dentist for a number of years then it’s definitely worth arranging a consultation.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Apart from brushing your teeth regularly and concisely to flossing and considering mouthwashes; there are a number of additional things that you can do to increase the health of your teeth. Changing your lifestyle habits is a surefire way to increase the health of your teeth. Reducing smoking or stopping completely will greatly increase the whiteness and health of your teeth. Smoking cigarettes drys out your mouth as well as staining the teeth. The drying of your mouth allows for bacteria to sit on your teeth for longer. Drinks such as red wine stain your teeth as well as increasing their stickiness, which increases the amount they are damaged. Citric acids wear down the enamel on your teeth and sugar and sugary substances encourage bacteria to break them down releasing more acid. Fizzy drinks such as coke have a large amount of sugar and acids that have been argued to do more damage than sugar. Citric sweets combining sugar and citric acid are often the most damaging to teeth and should be avoided. Pickles are pickled in vinegar and therefore are also acidic. Eating these kind of foods in moderation are a great way to increase the health of your teeth and cutting down on them if you eat them a lot is therefore important. In contrast, water is very good for your teeth as it keeps teeth moist and often has strengthening minerals. Cheese and milk are also great for your teeth, as they are rich in calcium. Milk is especially friendly because it neutralises acid on the teeth as well as providing a source of calcium. 

Healthy Food For Your Teeth

The December edition of our article investigates the healthy food for your teeth.

White Smile Bristol

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? This fun and festive time for all may include you eating and drinking a couple of things that are not the best for your teeth. If you’re unsure about the foods that are notorious for being unhealthy for your teeth then we have covered this above! This edition of our article discusses the food that are great for your teeth, notably because eating them makes your mouth produce saliva or because they are high in protein, calcium and certain vitamins. Some foods may sound bad for your teeth but they are actually a great food to eat to promote the health of your teeth. Although you may be dreading the Christmas cheese board, cheese is actually a fantastic food for your teeth for example. Studies have suggested that cheese raised the pH levels in subjects’ mouths, lowering risk of tooth decay. It’s also important to think about the general health of your teeth as your teeth will be the first thing to suffer as a result of a bad diet. Foods that are high in sugar tend to be the worst offenders as these are a particularly common cause of tooth decay. Eating a variety of foods from all of the five food groups is a fantastic way to keep a balanced diet as well as ensuring that you are taking action against tooth decay. Almonds are low in sugar and are a great source of calcium and protein. You can add these to your meal to make your diet more healthy for your teeth.

Which Foods Should You Try To Eat

Along with cheese, yogurt is another food that is high in calcium and protein. Beneficial bacteria that are also present in yogurt are beneficial in fighting the bacteria that cause cavities. If you’re looking to eat yogurt to improve the health of your teeth then look for sugar free yogurt. Although sugar should be avoided, there are sugary foods that can actually improve the health of your teeth. Apples are high in fibre and water which means that eating the apple produces saliva that rinses away bacteria and debris. This isn’t as effective as brushing your teeth but can keep your teeth free of debris until it’s time to brush your teeth again. Carrots are full in fibre and they are also a great source of vitamin A. Carrots also cause increased saliva in your mouth when eaten. Eating celery scrapes bacteria and food away from your mouth.

Arrange Your Dentist Consultation Today

Dentist Near Me BristolWhether you are looking for a consultation or have not had one in a while, we are more than happy to help you look after your teeth. Here at the Bristol Dental Practice, located on Queens Square in Bristol; we have helped many of our patients in a wide range of situations. If you’ve been looking to find a ‘dentist near me’ then why not visit us today? We pride ourselves on our commitment to care for nervous patients and have a very friendly and warm environment in our practice. Should you be searching for a Bristol dentist near me or you require a Bristol dentist then contact the Bristol Dental Practice today by telephoning our team on: 01179 105 929

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