Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Discussed By Bristol Dental Practice

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One of the most frequent questions that is often asked by patients is how to keep their teeth healthy. If this is not a question that is on your mind then it is still important as healthy teeth and good practices can ensure that your teeth are looked after and that you can take steps to prevent issues in the future. Although it’s not possible to completely prevent the chance of an issue with your teeth, healthy hygienic routines and awareness of how foods in your diet affect your teeth will certainly increase the health of your teeth significantly. With the risk of periodontitis (Gum Disease) and cavities in your teeth, it’s highly important to be conscious about the health of your teeth as well as actively trying to keep them healthy.

In this article, we will offer some tips to keeping your teeth healthy as well as what you can do to ensure that your teeth maintain healthy (such as adjusting your diet and opting to eat different foods should your diet be high in acidity or sugars.) We will also advise you on when to have a check up and why you should arrange for a check up if you have any doubts.

At the Bristol Dental Practice, we are dentists in Bristol with many years of experience as cosmetic dentists. Should you require a hygienist in Bristol or if you require more information on how to maintain dental hygiene then enquire with our team online using a contact form on our website or telephone us directly now on: 01179 105 929

Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

Apart from ensuring that you are brushing your teeth regularly (2 times a day) with fluoride toothpaste, you can also make sure that you are flossing. Use about 45cm of floss and wind it around one finger on each hand. When flossing, slowly guide the dental floss into the gaps and avoid pushing the floss into the gums (also make sure to floss your last tooth on each side.) Do not worry if your gums bleed as this can happen due to the fact that they are tender. As your teeth become more clean from debris and are used to flossing then the bleeding should stop. If bleeding has not stopped then come and see our team or arrange a consultation. This may be because of the fact that you are flossing incorrectly or too firmly. If in doubt do not be afraid to ask, we can advise you on flossing techniques and assess your flossing style and offer pointers to help you improve and stop bleeding from flossing.

The Importance of Dental Check-ups

Apart from keeping your teeth healthy, dental check-ups are also very important to keep your teeth healthy. There are some issues that you will not be able to detect and that may not be prevented by just brushing your teeth and flossing. Arranging a dental check-up with our team of dentists ensures that everything is in order and that we can offer solutions should you need this. Our hygienists are also available and can polish and inspect your teeth further. They can also offer you advice on flossing and other ways in which you can maintain the health of your teeth. Certain lifestyle changes can also be suggested to improve the health of your teeth.

Making Lifestyle Choices to Protect Your Teeth

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There are certain lifestyle choices you can also make (mainly to diet and substances) which can be made to increase the health of your teeth. Diets can tend to be high in sugar so considering cutting down on sugars in your diet can improve the health of your teeth. Limiting acidic substances such as pickles and soft drinks protects your enamel and you can also drink alkaline such as milk to neutralise the acidity. Smoking is highly negative to your mouth causing a wide range of cancers and mouth issues (such as bleeding and stains on your teeth.) Smoking can also cause cause tooth loss, gum disease and in severe cases mouth cancer. You can get ready to set a date to quit before a check-up and then discuss this and implement a plan to stop smoking. This can include having family and friends support you, the use of medications and nicotine gums and preparing for a relapse and how to recover.

Should you have concerns about the health of your teeth or gums and wish to visit the dentist then visit the Bristol Dental Practice. We are more than happy to advise you on your teeth as well as how to keep them healthy and by carrying out checkups or a hygienist appointment. For more information on our dental services in Bristol or if you are looking for a hygienist near me in Bristol then enquire with Bristol Dental Practice online now or telephone today on: 01179 105 929

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